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Messenger Plus! Live 4.00.235


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Has now been released for messenger live. :laugh:
Welcome to the new home of Messenger Plus! :). After a bumpy ride during the first couple of hours following the release (way too many people trying to access the site), the site should finally be accessible to everybody. It took a long time but I’m glad I was able to keep my promise and release Messenger Plus! Live soon after Windows Live Messenger, along with its new web site. Messenger Plus! Live 4.00 is finally available to everybody who’s using the new Messenger client from Microsoft. A big thank you to all the people who supported the development since last November, including, but not limited to, the graphic designers, the testers, the translators and the forum helpers.


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I got this and it works great .. It gives you a choice to install the sponnsir soft or not. I unstalled it without, and did a search, as well as ran adaware; it came up clean. So maybe they did do something right ??


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it dosen't have spyware, it has crap that can be installed (if you choose too), I have been using it for years now.


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It does have adware, it gives the option of installing it or not, but that doesn't matter to me. Anything that comes bundled with spyware is a no-no, option to install or not. Besides it used to have lop.com spyware, I don't know what it has now, but that stuff is nasty to remove.
I agree, I've never had a problem with plus, just ticked 'dont' install bundled stuff'.

I'd be interested to know what features you all use with plus. Back in the day when plus removed ads this was the main reason i installed it. Contact renaming I also found useful, but this has now been implemented within msn live. Now that plus no longer removes ads, the only reason i install it is for tabbed chat, which i must say is an awesome feature. If msn Live implements tabbed chat I don't think i'd have a reason to use plus anymore.


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i use tabbed chat, i used to use the block group option a lot, but not any more. Also used to use rename contacts. Boss protect is often useful, as is event notifcation and contacts on desktop
It still amazes me when I see [some] people automatically make a comment about Msg Plus! installing spyware. The issue is dead. People need to read and actually use the program. You have an option and nothing is selected by default.


The last time I used this program I chose not to install the so called sponsor ware. I uninstalled msgplus because I didn't like the extra process and the program wasn't usefull to me any longer. After unintsalling it I noticed a left-over folder with an exe inside, researched the .exe and it was related to so-called 'sponsorware'. (Even though I chose not to install the sponsorware, it still put the files on my harddrive, I'm not sure if it was just a glitch in that particular version or what)
Plus if I remember correctly, OutPost Firewall's component control kept complaining about it, it was hooking every program that I used. Haven't touched his stuff since.
The extra features that come with the msgplus Live version do look neat though but I still won't be installing it heh.

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