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Damn MSN Messenger... I have set every program to use Opera (it's just faster on my internet) but when I use MSN Messenger, and click on something that opens a link (whether a email or just a website) IE opens it... I don't even have the IE icon on my desktop! grrrr... yes, I'm using MSN messenger 6 beta... any fixes? even if i completely delete IE?

Empty the IE folder, install Opera to it, and rename the Opera executable to iexplore.exe ;)

Never tried it, but I do know that you can delete iexplore.exe (it might take a couple of tries and searching for backup copies that windows uses to replace it).


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Nah, sounds too risky. I will just live with the bug for now. Besides, sometimes I need to see how my site looks in IE...

I've deleted iexplore.exe without adverse effects. But when you click on something in MSN, it has no effect at all.

Avant browser is built on IE, and it will still work if you want to view pages in IE (including Windows Update! :D), even if you have deleted iexplore.exe. You can leave the other files behind (Avant needs them) and just save iexplore to another folder in case you really, really need it later.

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Hey, a good one but there is a problem. I try to more iexplore.exe to another location but XP recreates that file into the orginal location. When I replace that file with Advant and rename Avant to iexplore.exe, xp restores it back to the Internet Explorer. Must have been the file protection kicking in.
Do a search for iexplore.exe, and make sure system and hidden files are not hidden, and repeatedly delete them. Windows will relent after a couple of tries/searches.

You can delete the original and the backup from the search window.


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Originally posted by Daedalus
but not in your CD ROM drive though

Well, not a solution to the problem but a work-around: I use MSNM via Trillian. Trillian will utilize whichever browser is set as your default. 'Course, Trillian Pro 1.0 does not support integration with MSNM 6.1 beta.


Have you tried using the "Set Program Access and Defaults" from WinXP?

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