Messenger has a chubby for newer version



messenger tells me that a newer version is available, and the longest it lets me put off the reminder is one week. is there anyway to put this off permanately. i found the string in the registry that it changes when i tell it to leave me alone for a week, perhaps if i copied that string and forced it to reload it everytime windows is restarted it wouldnt keep remindin me... any thoughts? (and no i dont want the newer version)
If it is windows update that keeps telling you about the update (via the systray) you can turn off notification for messenger on the update site.

1) goto windows update page.

2) Scan for updates (which should find messenger)

3) Click personalize (sic) windows update

4) Find messenger and check box to hide it.

This should stop it from prompting update.

I wouldn't hack around in the registry unless you can find someone to tell you exactly how to do it.


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