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Messed my HDD! Help!


Boogie Nights...!
Last night i was moseying through the net when suddenly everything stopped. Ctrl-alt-del wouldn't work..nothing. Tried restarting it and found that it wouldnt even boot! It briefly mentioned something about a NDFS (?) file missing.

I've since set up an older HD and reinstalled XP on to that and after doing all the necessary driver updates etc i though i'd try to set up the messed up one as a slave HD to see if i could still access all the date on there. To my horror all i get now is an empty HD with a 10GB Total Size (when it is meant to be 30GB) of which 7BG is free!!

Please help! I have lots of important stuff on there and desperately want it back.



Boogie Nights...!
Currently recovering my software from a very messed up HD. I would HIGHLY recommend the app called GetDataBack if anyone else experiences problems like mine...its been a life saver!

And thanks for your help there Zedric, much appreciated.

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