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message another computer

I have a home network set up. Is there any dos command or way of making a message pop up on the other pc screen. I am going through a router and know the IP 's of the computer i need to send it to.


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The "Messenger" service is disabled by default after installing Service Pack 2.

NET SEND will work if you enable this service.

For more information:
Start, Run, CMD, NET SEND /?
when i use the laptops i use the username for the main PC "joe". if i try and send one from the main pc to any of the laptops the username doesn't work.


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All desktop computers or notebooks need to be in the same WORKGROUP.

net send /domain:WORKGROUP MESSAGE
All pc's are part of the same work group, i can send messages to the main pc from all machines but cannot send messages to any of the laptops even from the laptops. This is getting on my nerves now.


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All computers must be in the same workgroup, all computers must have the Messenger service enabled.

NET SEND * "This is your message."
"net send kenny how are you"
this works from either laptop to main pc
kenny is the logon name. if i use the logon name for the laptops from any pc it doesn't recognise the name


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One last time: NET SEND * "This is your message."

Read the link that kcnychief posted for a better understanding of the NET SEND command.


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May I ask, what exactly you are trying to accomplish that you don't feel NET SEND lets you do? Perhaps we can point you in the right direction?


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Wow, NET SEND to let the kids know that Dinner Is Ready - now I have heard it all :p

Have you looked into any type of home intercom system? Not to go too far off topic there, but it may save on your vocal chords in the long run :D

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