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Mess Up Poll

Perris Calderon

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they even posted that the poll wasn't fair, since it's an avant forum....pretty realistic peeps on that site.

the real issues of avant is that it's still ie with ie flaws...it doesn't matter onse stitch which one they like better

if the avant browser doesn't address the security issue, what people think about it is a non option

every person I set up, I set up with firefox, and I tell them what a horror ie is.

my box still has ie, it's what I'm used to, and my box is set up so the security issues are addressed

I don't think normal users could be responsible for their security, and ie or a shell is really not an option anymore

so what they prefer has nothing to do with what they should be using
Go post a link to that poll on something like the SpreadFirefox or mozillaZine forums, and watch the tables turn...within minutes. The Firefox user-base has become the new Mac-like cult. ;)


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My option is missing [mozilla suite] and thus I can't vote. :( I won't recommend Firefox till maybe 1.1 when it's based on 1.8 code/features.

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