Merge two .avi files.


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6 Jan 2004
So i have two 400mb video files (.avi) which i would like to merge into one of perhaps the same format (.avi). The files are recordings i made with my new video camera of a camping trip and i would like to make a dvd to give out to some of my friends who went along.

Is there a decent app around that you folks know off hand?

thanks for any help.:)
the only one i know of is pinnicle studio and thats only because i use it to capture mpgs from my dv camcorder. other than that i don't know.
You should be able to import AVI files into any non-linear editing program and then export it into one file of any sort you want. And if you want it to be the same kind of AVI file, then there you go.

but melon he has two that he wants to merge, not just change file types.

File -> open video file.


File -> append video file


File -> Save as avi.

I'm doing this from memory at work so the text on the menu's might be a little different but its going to be fairly close.


Remember to set Vdub to "Direct Stream Copy" in the video menu, other wise it'll take forever and you'll get a HUGE file.

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