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17 Sep 2002
I know in windows with certains programs (via registry) you could control menu speeds (Example: hitting the start button and browsing favorites). Is there away to control the menu speeds in Linux? I would like to slow mine down just a little bit. Im sure it is probably measured in milliseconds.

what distro are u using?
-turn off the animations and the menus will open a lot faster

-Turn off the side image, transparency, drop shadows, the "last 5 programs" and subpixel hinting.

Desktop background
Use only single color or simple horizontal/vertical gradient for desktop background, with no wallpaper.

Using simple desktop background will reduce KDE startup time and memory usage.

Disabling various eye-candy features
Obviously, KDE without fading menus, transparency, animated icons and similar should run somewhat faster.

* How do I configure this?
o Open Control Center.
o Go to Appearance & Theme and click on Theme Manager.
o Find Customize your theme: at the bottom of the window. Click on Style.
o Choose tab Effects.
o Uncheck Enable GUI effects.
o Click OK.
o Hint: This change will only affect newly started applications.

Having antialiasing (AA) turned on slows down drawing of texts, so you may consider turning it off in the control center, in the fonts module.

More Here >>>link
Umm tdinc, he asked how to slow them down not speed them up...
Wow...I must be dyslectic....LOL
tdinc said:
Wow...I must be dyslectic....LOL

LOL! Yeah good points and I do have all of that turned off for top performance. I cant find anything online about menu speeds in linux...WOW! I did set my menus back to animated, it seems this may have helped alittle bit...

This isnt a huge deal, just figured there should be a way to adjust the menu speeds.

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