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Heya, I'm currently packing a gig of pc2700 Corsair Value Select (ouch) RAM. Which is plenty good for now, but when I upgrade the PC i thought i may as well take into account some new ram eventually.

I'm ordering my neo2 platinum next week. which works with upto ddr400? (correct me if i'm wrong). I'm not looking at spending a fortune but what RAM would you advise for a gaming system which has got to last quite some time :)

Thanks a lot!

(makes, models _anything_ would be of great help! cheers guys)
You'll want crucial pc3200(ddr400) from somewhere like overclockers.co.uk either there top notch ballistix or their value ram.

alternatviley Corsair Value ram is plenty good enough.
Cheers, (yeah brad, sorry shoulda made clear i was from UK - cheers for help though) Would you say the 2x512 pc2700 cas2.5 value select ram would be enough? (would i see any major gain from getting 4x 256 dual channel crucial ram?)

e.g. is it worth £150 extra on top of all the other stuff I'm already buying?

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