Memory Timings???

Gary Pandher

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9 Mar 2004
Need some help with memory timings ..heres what i've got in my bios right now
Cas Latency
2 :)

Bank Interleave
Disabled :)
2 Bank
4 Bank

Percharge to Active (Trp)
2T :)

Active to Percharge (Tras)
5T :)

Active to CMD (Trcd)
2T :)

DRAM Command Rate
2T Command
1T Command :)

The ones with the :) beside it is what i have selected right now..can someone give me info on what these do and which is better to select?
what type of memory do you have and what timings can it accept?

ideally you want to set fast timings only when your memory can handle it...

lower timings generally can cause instability unless the memory can handle it..
you loop it and check readout for memory errors...
dloaded it
opened the folder
it has 4 things in there
one was install
clicked that
nuthin much happened...
can you have boot disks in xp? how do i go about doing all this lol
isnt there any programs to test ur mem that run in windows lol
Put a blank floppy in your a: drive

Run install.bat

This will create the bootable floppy with memtest on it. Restart computer with the floppy in the a: drive. Make sure the BIOS is set to have the floppy as the first boot device.

Thank you, I'll be here all night, taking donations...
lol thanks dreamliner77
i ran the test
it kept goin n goin
bout 25 minz...
not sure if its supposed to
buh yea
it said pass 100%
and then it started over again..
from 1..and started going again..i assumed it was done so i hit that alright?..orrr was there more to the test lol
i got one stick of 512 mb
32 is shared with vid card so its onli 480....
how long would i need to run it ?????
ite i'll do that 2nite...when i ran it for 25 minz it din lock up or anything so im guessin things should be ok..

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