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i got 2 X 256mb ram sticks and i think one of them is bad...
allways my computers hangs in the middle of everything and i think that the problem is the memory... so... is there a good problem to test the sticks?
so i can know which of them isnt working well??


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ok, a friend told me to download MS memory Diagnostic tool and i runned it and it told me all my memory is ok...
so... what is my problem..
Whenever i run a game... the pc gots stuck, i formatted, made a clean xp install, install new drivers, install direct dx, and i dont know what is the problem... please help me!!!!


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take a stick out, give the pc some hammer, if it dont lock up you already removed the bad stick.

(do you see where im going ;) )

if that fails, google for memtest 86


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also check the heatsink on the video card and CPU is clean, if its been in for more than 6 months, then chance is you will need to apply some decent heatsink paste.


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the video card is new and i cleaned the cpu fan...
windows works right but when i open a game it just dies...
can it be the sound card?


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take it out and try again, for your information, the guys & girls who put the heatsinks on video cards are blind and doing it by touch.

i have only ever seen 1 card out the packet where the paste coverd the entire GPU chip. it's worth taking it off to check.

also try a driver cleaner tool like NFR (nasty file remover) make sure theres no leftover drivesr on the system conflicting.


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1) Run memtest86. If it finds errors, remove one stick, and run it on just one stick. If that's ok, swap sticks and run.

2) Have you modified your pagefile?

3) What game is it? Perhaps 512 is not enough.

4) Have you installed dx9?

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