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2 Feb 2004
Hello Everyone,

I have purchased a new system its a AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU with a MSI K8T NEO FIS2R with latest bios v1.6, using 2x KingMax MPXC22D-38KT3R (512mb ddr400) RAM modules.

i have downloaded latest drivers and everything seems fine only time the computer chucks a spak is when i have cool n quiet enabled and it comes up with a PFN_LIST_CORRUPT.... whatever that means in XP...

So i started running on the comp memtest (2 diff versions) from and it comes up with a whole pile of errors after a few hours but the number that comes up like 21% before i stopped it if its that bad wouldnt windows on it be crashing as the only time it gets unstable is with that stupid cool n quiet otherwise its seems to be solid as, would this be an incompatibility issue with the program and my system?

Ive tried for about 30mins soo far microsofts memory diagnostic tool and soo far soo good... i will post when i can any updates to what i have tried etc

If anyone has got anything to say that is very much appreciated


Daniel Rossi
i dont think you can run memtest right with a 64bit processor...

i COULD be wrong ^^
If it ain't broke don't try and fix it. Benchmarks and burn in tests are high stress. Using them can create problems in a healthy system. Just run the system and enjoy if it is working fine for all your applications.
ive swapped ram atm and running tests when i get home ill have to check for any errors.. if so ill post it ere maybe msi's compatibility guide should be called incompatibility guide :p
yeh thanks ill take that into consideration if i get errors with this ram aswell lol
I used that program and it came up with errors but in my case it did as well with the microsoft test so I sent my ram back, although it does not really help on the 64bit issue as I am still in the old fashioned world of 32bit :)
thankyou all very much for your help, it looks like the ram was stuffed just kinda wierd seing you can install windows fine and run everything else besides the cool and quiet soo i stuck sum adata memory 2x 512mb ddr400 that aint on the compatibility list n ran the tests all day and not 1 error!!! an seems stable as soo far soo good, maybe msi's list should be called the incompatibility list like i said before lol :p coz i stuck the ram in another pc and it works fine not 1 prob how wierd is that
breezie said:
i dont think you can run memtest right with a 64bit processor...

i COULD be wrong ^^
Actually someone has picked up memtest86 and made memtest86+ and is now back to current production again AND started as just adding 64bit support. ;)
Hi Dan04, can you confirm that the bios version was 1.6?
yes the bios version was 1.6 i updated it myself was doin the same things before hand

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