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Memory Temp Hotter than CPU

I have just upgraded to a new mobo Asus A7V8X Amd 2200 XP and 512 mb of 2700 DDR. The CPU is running 37C idle and 42C under Load and the Memory 40C idle and 43C loaded. This is the first system I have built using DDR is it normal for the memory to run this hot.:huh:


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the temp sensor on that board reads 20 degrees too low for the CPU, bios update and scrap the asus probe in favoir of motherboard monitor 5.

at least you can set the internal die temp to match the external socket temp..

go here http://mbm.livewiredev.com/ and search the forums for your board, lots of threads about what to do and not do with that nforce board.


Read carefully...

A7 "V" 8X not A7 "N" 8X

How did u get memory readings btw?

I don't seem to have that sensor available to me.... i'm using MBM5 btw.
I am using the Asus Probe latest version off the website. I have upgraded the Bios to the latest also, I will give MBM ago and see was the reading are with that.

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