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I'm thinking of upgrading some stuff on my system, so here's a few questions:

1) If my RAM speed is PC 2100, can I mix it with PC2700? Or is that a no-no?
2) The FSB on my current processor, mobo, and memory is 266mhz. What would happen if I were to change any of those out with something that utilizes 333? Or even more with 400 or 533 for a P4? Is it even possible? Recommended?

Inquiring minds want to know! :)


rule of thumb is that it will run as fast as your slowest part. but yea you can mix 2700 and 2100 ram. and you can place a 266fsb processor is something that suppports a 333fsb

edit: gives you more of overclocking headroom.
adding to what Jz1397-4 said... you may not be able to put a 333mhz cpu in your board (you probably could though - depends on the board), but you could use a 333mhz board and use the 266 cpu in it afaik.

also, you cant replace an amd with a p4 and keep using the same motherboard... it jus wont fit :p

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