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Memory Problem after high ram usage?



Ok here's the deal I have a MSI K7T266pro2 with 512mb of ram(2x256)DDR and running XP Pro. Not sure when this actually started but I have done 3 fresh installs of XP and it's still the same thing. Here's the prob:

Everytime I'm doing something which uses alot of ram (350-512 Average) the system is fine until that program or game releases the memory. then my ram usage drops to 60-80 mb and will not accept any more into the memory which makes everything extremely slow and the only way to recover is a restart. This could happen after a game such as Hitman2, UT2003 or after decompressing a large .rar or .zip file.

I've done many memory tests in dos and XP and they all pass fine. And I've noticed it before SP1 or any updates for that matter, happens with a fresh install too. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Nope the temps are fine MB at 31c and CPU at 34c, otherwize the system runs fine ....game don't crash, everything else is stable.


Must be cuz I have tried everything else that anyone has mentioned and I have thought of. I got 512 mb strip of Kingston 333mhz DDR on it's way. If it's not the problem I can always sell it in my store. I'll keep ya posted on what happens.


Found The Problem!!

OK found the problem, it's a small program called Watch Cat which will minimize apps to the system tray. I forgot that I installed this program as soon as I installed windows each time, along with Tweak XP Pro. At the time I never thought it maybe be the problem, was kinda blaming the ram.

But anyhow It's working great now, played Hitman 2 for an hour and all was fine afterwards. Damn I can't believe I never thought of it before now! :(


Originally posted by desimatrix007
well now u could have 1024mb of ram
u own a computer store? ...what do u got??? :D
I know 1024 would be nice, we'll see when it gets here.

Yes I own a small computer sales and service store. It's a decent second job, started out building and repairing friends and family's computers then, as the word got around the local area the more people were calling and dropping in. So I decided to start a small home based business in the basement of my home(Income Tax Write-off hehe). Been in business for almost a year now, the best part is I get my parts much cheaper. ;)

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