Memory prob on MSI k7t266 Pro v2


The Analog Kid
16 Mar 2002
Ok, so pc rebooted. On reboot, gets to the xp boot screen then flashes a quick blue screen error that is to fast for me to read, then just reboots. Ran memtest86 and had 3000 errors after a few hours. So grabbed a stick of 512 pc2700. The mobo supports pc1600/2100. Figured the 2700 would be fine as it would just run slower (2100). Still rebooting.

I believe it is ok to run the faster mem slower like this, never had a problem before.

Maybe another problem, like memory controller or something?
can you get into bios ?

if you can try turning everything to slower timings and also try pressing the <pause> button if you can when the screen is loading...

anything that you may have changed prior to the reboots ?

also try clearing your cmos and then firing up your system then in case there are some changes made that are affecting things...
yeah, it's gotta be something in your bios or maybe your northbridge is overheating..? :confused:
i've set bios back to default settings (no performance settings)
cant get ti to pause on the error screen, but as per usual, i can make out that there is a mem dump
is there some sort of active cooler on the northbridge that you use?

is the active cooler working? or is it a passive heatsink?
okies... try this... disconnect every other component except the bare essentials and try booting... ie if you have other disk drives and pci peripherals et al... disconnect and see if you can boot...
will try after memtest has run for a bit
I need to go have a smoke anyway
Okay, memtest came back okay

think it's time to start pulling things apart.

gotta see if I can find a agp vid card. Don't feel like pulling the one out of this pc.

threw in a drive that had 98 loaded. Booted. Seems to be stable.

Think this install of xp is dead.

Damn, i'd be alot easier if the xp install was on fat32 partition.
sure doesn't explain the thousands of errors in memtest86, though..?? :confused:
This with the new memory

Got the second hdd formatted to XP no prob. Will fire up partition magic tomorrow and play around with it. Hope to have it up and running again by noon or so tomorrow.

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