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Memory installation


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Hi guys ..

I'd just like to confirm which slot should I install my memory module. For your information, the mainboard is a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L and the memory consist of 2 piece Kingston DDR2 1GB memory each. 1st memory module is double-sided while 2nd memory module is single-sided.

On mainboard of course has 4 memory sockets. According to the user guide, Channel 0: DDRII1, DDRII2 and Channel 1: DDRII3, DDRII4.

Now with the memory modules that I have, which slot should I insert in? Should I put in into DDRII1 and DDRII2 or DDRII1 and DDRII3? Would there be any difference?

Thanks in advance for your input. Cheers .. :):)
Different motherboards and motherboard manufacturers are inconsistent as far as whether you should plug the memory into the same color or different color, but in your case when you plug two (preferably identical) memory modules it's what's called "dual-channel". I don't know if you know anything about RAID 0 (striping) for hard drives, but think of it as RAID 0 for memory. Also can be compared to SLI for nVidia graphics cards or Crossfire for ATI.

In all cases it's effectively interleaving the two devices as if they are one so that the machine gets better performance overall.

If you used the wrong combination of memory slots, the RAM should still work but they would work in single-channel mode, which is what memory operates at of course if there is ONLY one RAM stick, or in the "old" days before the existence of dual-channel.

We've got quad-core mainstream processors, when are we getting quad-channel RAM? :D

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in short channels, if you stick the 2 sticks of mem you have in the same colour channels they work in dual mode, if you put them in one yellow and one green they do not work as well as they are in single mode, or something to that effect, i have only been up 15 mins so still sleepy and no coffee, but it should tell you in the manual

his should explain things a bit better



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Off topic, but I think is better to keep in same thread.

If you overclock ram, how do you know if it is running to hot, or is giving problems. What sort of problems can arise from RAM overheating or what not?

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no - but it will die sooner - general rule of thumb is to never over clock no matter how much power or cooling you have as it will always come back to bite you on the ass, if you need the extra power buy the next step up.

In short you will now when over clocking starts to mess your system up :D

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