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memory in windows xp



I currently use a program called memturbo II to manage my ram. I have heard from many people that windows xp is so wonderful because it is stable enough to leave on for long periods of time. That may be so, but the longer my computer is on, the more ram seems to "disappear." Memturbo II will recover the ram that seems to disapper (it displays how much ram is free, and I can have it recover ram by defragmenting it or something along those lines). Sometimes the recovery will be dramatic, other times pathetic. Regardless, though, this "recovery" rarely lasts long as the memory will somewhat rapidly disappear. I have 512 mb ddr ram, and it doesn't seem that most of it should be tied up simply because the computer has been on a long time if I am only running one program. (Today my computer has been on for a day or so, and Direct Connect was the only program running, and my free ram was supposedly down to 50mb). Maybe memturbo II is a bad program, or doesnt accurately represent free ram, it is just the only such program I know of.

Given that background, my question is just if anyone knows of a better program to maintain free ram. There was a program recently on this site, clearmem.exe, that piqued my interest. However I am not sure I entirely understand what clearmem does (and I know absolutely nothing about dos so I am hesitant to use it). Does anyone have any suggestions?
just use the ms program clearmem. they have it availible on this site. its possible direct connect has a memory leak, but MS clearmem is by far the best, it will clear ram like no other!

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