Memory.DMP 511mb what is it?



Hi , i found this 511mb file and would like to knwo what it is? Can i delete it? I found it in my Windows Dir, Thanks!
its a memory dump .. xp thats crashed and left those files . its from the apps that were open when the BSOD happend

i guess u could delete them their no use anyway lol
I guess that's useless....but make sure you back up the file first incase you need it back later...
Yeah they're always the full size of your RAM if you have "complete memory dump" enabled.

To Disable it :

Control Panel/System > Advanced > Starup & Recovery - Settings > Write Debugging Information > Set it to small memory dump or none.

It is really only for developers.
Wow these are some kickass forums. Both my problems have now been resolved in 2 days, after weeks of posting in unnamed dead forums! :) Thanks Guys....

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