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memory card help


OSNN One Post Wonder
ok so i got my memory card, and i opened up the f drive, and it has my mobile, my music, and something else, but i transfered music on my computer to my memory card to the folder thta has my music, now the pics on my memory shows up not in a folder but judst in the f drive, anyways when i try to play my music is says player error, music not avaible, is there a certain file exstion the music has to be, becuase all it shows it one music file, adn that doest play, also whne i transfered it over a message on my comp says invavlid to rename file, so i clikc rename is says valid.
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OSNN One Post Wonder
ok i trasnfer my tunes that i downloaded from limewire to motorola > shared> audio>, and it still doesnt work, do i need to download the tunes from a certain site. i used wma files, mp3 files, and wav files, and it doesnt work. i cilkc my music on my phone and it shoes get music from vcast, and under that it says play all songs, when i click that it says "player error", "music not avalible".

also it has palylist on the bottom left conrer, i lick that and all it shows it a file named "g", when i click play it says the same error.

what am i doing wrong, do i need to download certain songs from a certain website or something.???

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