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Mar 5, 2003
Hey all :D
Dunno what's up with my a/c, but I am still unable to delete my posts.

I also have 2 News Poster User Groups in the pic below to choose from.
Is this normal, or is one outdated, and i'm in the wrong one, hence no delete option?

Also, just as a bit of feedback, i think we should have a Folding@Home Team Group too.

I was wondering how, for example, can I search for other NTFS Counter-strike clan players?
You can only have one group selected, so I've chosen to keep the news poster group, but do members actually have to have the "clan" group set to
appear in some list somewhere, or does joining the group add you to it, and if so how can I find a list ?:confused:
TIA peeps :D



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Apr 19, 2002
Nevermind. As xsiv pointed out, the options come up only when you join another group. I just joined the Counterstrike Clan to see if it works, and it does.
Screenshot attached: ;)


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Mar 5, 2003
Thx [e]-punk ;)
I now have only 1 News Poster group :D
That's that outta the way.
Any ideas on the other issues?

TIA ;)

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