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Mediaplayer always on top?

Hi, well I just wanted to know if there was a way we can make mediaplayer always on top.. cause when i surf the web.. it would be nice to have my video playing on the side without it going away... just a bother :p thx.. merry christmas


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Have you tried the "mini-player"? You need to set WMP as a taskbar toolbar (rt click on the taskbar, select toolbars, and check WMP). Then, open WMP and minimize to the taskbar, and then click the ^ on the far right side of the controls to open a little window with your video playing in it. Kinda cool.

Ok i tried what u said... when i rt click my taskbar... i select toolbars... but wmp is not there.. i can select new toolbar... but i can only select a folder not a file.. and still when i turn on wmp, I get the normal wmp with the normal bottom taskbar, its doesnt appear is systray nor minimized.. nor always on top.... thx


or you could try zoom player. it's a free player that i really like and has the always on top feature built in.

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Or in windows media player go to tools, options then player tab, player settings and check display on top when in skin mode then apply. It will stay on top and you can move it to where ever you want on the screen.

bush dogg

Thanks GoNz0 over a year ago I ran mine like this (about 45 minutes) I couldn't handle it that way it just wasn't for me.
My mission to click on every thing in this system is almost complete? (Not) :cool:

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