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Media Server Computer


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This is related to my other thread about a media center computer.

This is about the hardware and money.

If you know or not, I am building a media/server to host all my files and share them with my TV and other computers. This is my first real project that I want to do, so should be good.

I want to get at least 1TB or 2TB of drive space.

Now that is the only thing I know.

Besides the HDTV Tuner card (which should be helped with in other thread) what else would I need for the system. I do not have a large budget for this project just to let you know.

Do I need a high end computer, a powerful videocard? What would be the best and cheapest setup for this media/server computer? I am assuming I will need a fast Ethernet card? or does that not matter.... Please tell me your ideas and opinions on this. I need all the help I can get.

Thanks in advance. (and if both my threads should only be one, I'm sorry and please combine them)

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