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i dunno what happened but recently in media player it erased all the artist listings...i still have album listings and all audio...but it no longer organizes itself in terms of that listing and the + sign that was next to it disappeared too...i had no idea how annoying a gazillion songs might get without organizing them, which up until recently xp did fairly well at...
Very unusual problem.
Did you do any tweaks? What other players did you install?
What I mean is that this probably didn't happen "out of the blue", but that things happened before that.
What is your sequence of events? What did you install or uninstall before the problem appeared?
Any details will help all of us to try to help you.
i did run a reg cleaner and a dll cleaner! i may have just answered my own question. i have a couple divx players on here and the divx codecs for windows...other than that most of my software i wouldnt think would be in conflict as its mostly graphic programs. i of course thought of reinstalling it but microsoft was so kind as to embed it into the os so im thinking thats not possible...thanks for your help....
Those reg cleaners can be a mess. The one that comes with System Mechanic was repeatedly deleting needed dll's and reg keys, so I dumped it and reinstalled the affected apps.
Same problem with RegVac. It took way more than it should have.
Right now, I'm sticking with Vuorni's (sp?) RegCleaner 4.3 and so far no probs.
The WinDoctor with Norton Utilities 2002 seems to leave the good stuff alone, too.
I've decided to leave my dll's alone, unless I can save the removed ones. But sometimes an app fails and doesn't tell you which dll is missing, so you can't restore it.

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