Media Player logging songs and movies



Like i have said before im really getting sick of all these damn progams spying on us.

Its just getting ridiculous, there arent many out there now that dont.

Something has to be done.

MS say they collect it but dont sell the information, whats the point of collecting it then ?


if you block media player from net it works just fine. it just won't autodownload song titles or codecs, but the only codec i've ever had to update thus far is divx which it won't download anyway :p


Microsoft has been logging CD information as far back as Windows 95. The log file is a simple text file that contains the CD information retrieved from the likes of CDDB. I don't use Media Player for anything because of personal preferences for other applications. Most, if not all, of the other applications offering to display CD title and track information downloaded from the web keep a similar log...they are just decent enough to give you the option before they automatically do it for you.