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Media Player Corona and Divx



When I use WMP9 (Corona) for my divx movies, the scrollbar does not work which means I cannot move to a specific point in the movies. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have already done System Restore to go back to WMP8 so everything works. I just wonder if a new set of codecs would solve the problem...



I have the same problem but not just with DivX movies.
It hapens the same with .avi an .mpeg movies too.
Sometimes when i put it on full screen , then I can move
the scrollbar to any point.
WMP9 has some minor bugs already.


Winamp 3 consumes even more resources and tends to run slower than Media Player 9 does. There are still bugs to be ironed out, but unless you're one of the fortunate who's system actually loads and runs Winamp 3 at a respectable rate, then Media Player 9 is what I'd be recommending as the default player.

I have a feeling I'll take some heat for saying this, but oh well.



mplayer2 is the only media player you need...

No Frills and plays most files you throw at it

and YES you do still have it... just click Start-> Run and type in mplayer2

press enter... voila... VERY fast load up... less resource guzzling then WMP and Winamp...

Electronic Punk

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Hmm, very odd.

I just checked it out - tried 3 divx encoded files
2 worked fine, 1 didn't

I think the one that didn't work was Divx5 encoded, which means it may be an issue between divx5 and wmp9 - could be a problem at either end... with keyframes etc. not been tagged to the correct standard...

I think the other 2 were divx3 encoded, and they worked fine...

Of course, Icould have it the wrong way round...

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