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media player 10 fullscreen music playback problem...


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when i press alt+enter to see fullscreen visualisation, the screen goes black, and in between theres like bits of what looks like the cursor goin massive size, like a screen res prolem, and then it goes back into normal playing mode. i've googled it and seen the problem replicated, but nothing like a re-install works, and i can use realplayer fine in fullscreen, and movies work fine in fullscreen in media player, so im thinking is it a visualisation problem, but none of them seemed to work properly. it worked before... :(


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do you have the latest video drivers, as well as DirectX? I know you said other players work fine, but it could be driver compatability with certain versions of WMP


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psyborg go to options plug-ins, and make sure all the properties for the visuals are set to the lowest settings and see if that helps, you may be trying to display a visual that your card cannot process.

Does this happen with all the visuals are just a few? If its just a few perhaps your card does not supports opengl (or the newer version), or dx9 etc..

What v/card are you using?


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i have all the latest versions of stuff and all the updates, i only noticed it today after a weekend spent fixing this- http://forum.osnn.net/showthread.php?t=79566

so now im just wonderin, it wasnt a weekend wasted when i learned somethin, but perhaps this particular as yet un-named virus could have done more damage than i thought. so i'm just thinking, after all my defragging, updating and searchin today, why in the name of god did i not just leave my son crawlin around on the floor happy as he was, instead o pickin him up and wantin to play his fave psychidellic grafix!!!! :( did i hear someone say reinstall? after all that? i really, really, dont want to. i want to see how long i can productively use my computer without reinstalling... :(


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psybord, go to http://housecall.trendmicro.com/, do the full scan IN SAFE MODE. Also download and install this:

http://www.ewido.net/en/download/, do the updates and again run it in safe mode.

Also download the newest version of hijackthis and run it and create a log, either paste or upload the log to your next post and i'll look at it and see what else needs to go.

This really is a good tried and true method to kill alot of virus's and/or spyware.

Let us know.


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done that lancer, set them to their highest, and lowest settings, its a toshiba satellite a30-203 laptop, p4+256mb ram, and directx 9 came preinstalled, and i never had any problems before playing full screen in either media player 9 or 10. attached below is a diagnostics report if that helps? View attachment DiagnosticReport.txt

and why does it have no problems playing movies in fullscreen, but not visualisations? :cry:
Psy, didn't we address that msn issue? I thought I remember we found it. a nice BHO proxy server to delete, and a hosts file to cleanup.

I'm researching your current issue now, more later

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