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29 Aug 2002
I'm going to post a thread in applications, and that's OK, but I felt the need to find a media forum and there was none.

Does anyone, or rather maybe any mod, feel we should have one for issues like mp3, DVD, burning etc. I will confess a forum dearch on just mp3 and dvd only turned up four threads - but it seems if we have one for Nvidia FAQ then maybe media is a relevant thread. Could cover things like photoshop in the graphics side too I guess.

Anyway, just a thought (and hopefully an original one this time, finally!)
i miss the forum used to discuss music.
my general ripping on nirvana fans was highly enjoyable.
yea, but wasnt there, before, a forum for music, one for tv, etc etc. i liked that setup.
That must of been a looong time ago, I don't remember that.
There was a movie / music forum, but I think entertainment sums it up
Entertainment which covers the obvious.

Themes and Graphics has a topic called Photoshop/Illustrator/PaintShopPro Support - Help, Tutorals, Setting etc for any PS or other graphic program and/or graphic image related problems.

Not many ppl are into all the DVD burning yet, IMO and the whole MP3 thing has been covered. Not much else left to do with them all. Dont see how it can all be warrented since most ppl spend there time in the Applications thread... that could changed though.
DVD Burning is pretty much covered, it is actually far simpler and faster than creating a VCD/SVCD or Divx.

You rip the DVD to your HDD using Smartripper or my preference... DVD Decrypter.
You remux using Nero Recode or my preference DVD2One
You then burn it with Nero.

Its simple, I can have a DVD from source to copy in less than 1 hour with minmal input (either a full rip or movie only)
I vote for a audio type of forum that will cover hardware (soundcards/drives etc), software (burning, ripping, editting) and methods. I'm actually working on some guides now, but have been thrown off course as of late by some real world stuff.
All those subjects are covered very well using the present forums. I see no need to subdivide further
dreamliner: I would be happy to post any cool guides you might knock out ;)

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