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Medal of Honor: Spearhead v2.15 Patch Inside

Read about the patch and download it Here

In my excitement i missed the post on the front page ..gaming news ....again sorry.

Wrong patch fixes listed on the link here are the bug fixes >>

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead by EA Pacific - retail v2.11 -> v2.15

- missing windows32_frame_broken texture replaced
- Bad player popping through fence textures
- HUD remains on the screen during TOW win animations
- Visible crosshair during in-game cut scene
- Hangar Door switches only animate the first time they are used
- The captain may never give the signal to continue on 1.2
- Using the portable MG-42 and trapping someone in it
- MG42 and switching to next weapon
- Using the mortar, have a teammate stand in front of it and fire, user gets
blown backwards
- No collision on foot stool in first house of 1.2
- Able to clip into cabinet when crouched in 1.2
- No HUD message when picking up sniper rifle
- Servers running the game will have a large negative ping value sometimes
- SV_Pure 1 doesn't work on a listen server
- Map Hole near stairs and Tank in Brest
- Hole in the mountains in Flughafen
- Credits updated to reflect changes from legal
- Italian text error
- Italian: Wrong objective
- German: Weapon Name display
- Inadequate button in difficulty select
- German: inadequate mp kill message
- TOW Berlin - Allies victory movie shows surviving Nazis.
- Player is not harmed by fire around destroyed 88s.
- Next/prev weapon broken
- Captain's text has an incorrect comma
- LT Italian untranslated text in Load/Save screen
- Nebelwerfer audio audible all over the map
- Sound effect for T34 main gun
- AI problems shooting downed soldiers
- Players can call vote with negative numbers
- Gamespy DOS attack patched
- German: Map authenticy in 3.1
- Fixed server restarting issues when 32-bit values wrapped
- Fixed unlimited ammo gameplay issues
- you can no longer call a vote when dead
- The "butt scoot" should no longer be in the game
- Infostring length exceeded errors from some TOW servers should no longer
- Vstr nextmap aliasing now functions properly
- Fixed certain rifles not audibly firing in lagged situations
- Removed cg_smoothclients as defaulting to on
- Various map hole fixes
- Terrain crash bug fixed
- Many localization problems resolved


haha my friend installed it and now he cant play it since it says that he needs the correct cdrom LOL poor guy


Thanks for the info, BT - I'm really glad for some of these fixes (long time waiting!!)

... sure wish I could play this patch without the CD tho' ... you sure get lazy fast not having to dig out the CD everytime~

KF :eek:


I haven't tried what you did but I figured since I am only able to run the program without looking for my CD because I have a modified EXE, that if I updated to 2.15 and then reused/replaced the 2.11 NoCD EXE, that I would be reverting myself back to 2.11, with a few new maps and PAK files but still a 2.11 EXE.

I guess if the 2.15 fixes did not require modifications to the EXE then what you did would work fine. I just thought that the EXE would have had to have been modified too.

Anyone know for sure?

KF :huh:


Originally posted by BonyTony
Can we have no more on the no-cd fix as it can be linked to warez...and this thread may be either edited/deleted by a mod.
In a way....

But a lot of people use the no-cd when they actually own the game, it saves a lot of hassle.


Boogie Nights...!
Considering no-cd patches AREN'T illegal/warez then why would there be a problem linking to one?

Oh, just tried the no-cd patch for the previous version...works fine.

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