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/me wants

Perris Calderon

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ya, that's true...I'm sure you can carry a protable keyboard for when you need it...there are full size fold up keyboards that are pretty nice

anyway, click the flash demo...very nice


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The keyborad on a 2 way pager is a b!tch, This would be a dream compared to my pager ... and probably only a little bit larger.


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Khayman said:
Very nice, now all i need is a ton of cash and a reason to need one :)
You need a reason? How about, with one your life would be complete, until the next gadget comes along anyway! That's the excuse I use!:p


I may actually be insane.
perris said:
it's supposed to come with firewire ports!
Ooh, now that's very jiggly.

Must say, I do like the widescreen, in-built wifi (b and g!) and in-built camera. All very nice, doesn't seem to mention anywhere what that 1GHz processor actually is though? Unless I'm missing something? :confused:

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