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Right, the modems moved onto a computer with Me on. Ive got ICS running fine and dandy except for this error. The computers getting errors are a combination of 98 and XP Pro.

There is no way I can "upgrade to XP" or move the modem onto another computer.

Anyway... the error is a conflict? Something about the network device sharing an IP? Is there any help for me?

PS: Ive got my step bruv to write down what the error says so Ill post it below when he comes up with the goods.


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New question:
If you are experiencing slow transfer rates in MSN Messenger, the reason might be because you or the person with whom you are communicating are behind a firewall or network address translator (NAT) that prevents a direct connection to the Internet.

This comes up on my mates computer when I send him stuff. Whats a NAT?


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NAT is Network Address Translation, effectively the thing that ICS does.
Essentially if you have one internet IP (computer directly connected to the internet and not acting like a router) and then the other PCs (with private LAN IPs) connect to that Machine to get onto the internet.

The one machine does all of the requesting of files and such and then directs it off to the machine on the LAN that asked for it


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On the advice of a friend, Ive uninstalled ZoneAlarm. Seems like I dont need it because Im behind a firewall anyway. Norton Security Tests says Im protected so I uninstalled it.

MSN transfers are still slow though :confused:


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hrmm, is this on yours or his?

I managed to get IRC workin over ICS a while back with no alterations from the default settings

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