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.me domain names


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Call me slow on the uptake, but I only recently realised that the "new" .me domain naming extensions would be open to application with a verb... So that we can expect an auction tomorrow for the likes of marry.me date.me buy.me and fly.me....

Now I could not help taking this to another place and realising there would be all sorts of expletives applied that are commonly used as exclamations of surprise/delight/horror or just plain swearing... Needless to say these will probably go to auction too... Though I found B****R.ME is already owned in SF no less!

It got me thinking that IF I had unlimited funds I should love to buy out the F***.ME domain - not to populate iot with any pron or anything - rather to make a site along the lines of an outlandish Guinness Book of Records, slanted towards blog linkage and net news - with things you would never believe - prompting the remark.... "Well blow me down with a feather!" Or more commonly - "F*** me!".

Any other thoughts on this? And is THIS the reason .me domains generally are higher priced than the others? Or is that just shiny newness? Cause I remember .info being a bargain whilst still new also.
You'll probably find .me belongs to some country or small island and they apply a tax to it in return for letting the whole world use it, like .tv and .fm. It supplements the governments income on the side without hitting the residents.

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