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Mcafee VIruscan 9.0 Home Edition


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I'm wondering if Mcafee really is good, or if it's terrible antivirus program..this is in relation to Network problem I keep having, I can't seem to access my internal lan at all, I currently have Installed Norton Antivirus 2005 with Internet worm protection on(doesn't matter if I turn that off or not) still won't work, then magically later it will start working all by itself, very frustrating problem.

Friend has told me Norton isn't good, and I should use Mcafee, but I don't want to switch if it's the wrong decision

Wouldn't happen to do with network problem renewing WAN IP or LAN IP's would it.

Help please


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Yeah..well I don't know if it's Norton or something else making the lan act up, it worked for half hour yesterday, then doesn't anymore, then all of a sudden it will work. (driving me nuts really).

AVG I have tried before, and I didn't like it myself..

Just want really whatever is causing this LAN Problem fixed as soon as Possible, if it's Norton, then it's outta here and Mcafee's going in--since I only trust Commerical Programs--Norton or Mcafee..when I tried AVG, I really disliked it after a while. But I will try to figure out most of this little problem myself if I can, and also on which program I intend to use for next year or two


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mcafee is trash in my opinion half the computers in my school are infected with viruses. they have mcafee and they are updated yet they dont catch any viruses, and avg caught them right away! norton also sucks monkey balls, i used to use that but then i found out it was stupid. im talking from years of experiance with these products avg just rocks and doesnt hog resources


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Well thanks for your opinion, but I'll go with what I feel is good, and works for me, since I didn't like AVG the times I tried it, on my Pc and ex g/f's PC, and girlfriends PC..so been on Norton most of the time since year 1999..but considering switching to Mcafee sometime, especially if it would possibly solve my internal lan problems

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