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McaFee slowing down comp?



yo, i just installed McAfee antivirus and fire wall ... the firewall gave me dumb error messages so i inunstalled it...
My prob is, everytime my comp boots it takes a while to load and sometimes freezes with the mcafee splash logo thing on my screen.
Windows(msn) Messenger also seems to have problems with it...it either takes hours to load, or at times doesn't load at all.

I feel my comp is a lot slower since i installed McAfee ... My friends have'nt noticed anything when it was installed in their comp ... and i dont want to disable the V-Shield.

i got
128mb ram/
p 3 700mhz/
Xp pro/



OSNN Senior Addict
What version of VirusScan are you using? VirusScan 6 is fully compatible with XP, a couple of the 4.x versions are compatible only after getting the compatibility update from the Windows Update site. Having VirusScan installed will slow down the initial load on bootup but after that you should not notice any effect on speed unless you set it up to do automatic updates and scans in which case you might notice a little slowdown while it is scanning in the background.

If you are having problems with it hanging up while loading uninstalling it and then reinstalling it usually takes care of that.

VirusScan should have absolutely no effect on MSN Messenger tho. I dont understand what you mean by it takes hours to load or will not load at all. Do you mean the program will not load or that it will not logon, i.e., does the icon not show up on the taskbar or does it just have the red X showing that it could not logon?

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