MBR rather Than GRUB?


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Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know if it's possible to install Linux & Windows XP and select your OS at startup with MBR rather than GRUB?



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why? I believe it could be done (from my knowledge of how MBR operates), but GRUB is pretty nifty and desinged for this function. There ARE reasons people go MBR --> GRUB yah know! ;)
What do you mean by using MBR instead of GRUB? The Master Boot Record (MBR) is just a generic term for the part of the drive that contains the partition table, among other things. LILO and GRUB are boot loaders that can be installed on the MBR.

Did you instead mean to say that you want to use the NT boot loader instead? If that's the case, there's a HOWTO available here that shows you how to do it for a WinNT+Linux dual-boot setup:

The same instructions should apply to a WinXP+Linux setup, apart from the fact that the default install directory for XP is WINDOWS rather than WINNT, so don't change that portion of the boot.ini file. :)

Mainframeguy said:
Because the sky is blue. ;)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
NetRyder said:
...Because the sky is blue. ;)
heh - alternatively "Because we/I can"? Yeah, and I was of course assuming the NT boot loader was what he referred to - your post cleared that up and gave him what he needed, so a little rep your way. I was trying to sound the note of caution - plus having a curious nature I guess (not always helpful on forums of course!)
NetRyder said:
Because the sky is blue. ;)
Actually its black - dust and gasses refract the sunlight passing through the atmosphere such that you get a blue tint further towards to horizon.

Just to be a smart ass of course :p

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