maybe you have seen this already.


Hugh Magoo

One of those "stare at the picture for the details" kind of things..
But this isn't one of those that only some can see. Its pretty easy.

stare at the doorway in the upper center portion of the picture, and after a short period of time, your eyes will start to disclose what is in the doorway.
(medical condition warning, not kidding)
LOL - saw it first time didn't catch what it was... opened it up in animation shop pro and LOL :D

Freaked me out too :D (even though i was prepared :D)

Wow Hugh, missed the point in the email thought it was one of those rooms that was on its side, it has all become clear tho :D
Bloody hell mate are trying to give us heart attacks, I'm to young to have one yet (27). The father-in-law sent this to me the other day, i stared, i stared, and nothing glance at this one and almost crack my head open on the brick wall behind me.
What the...

HAhahaha I almost jumped my chair out.. nice.. kinda freaky,, how the hell did you manage that?

If i save the picture normaly..will it be the same then..hahaha..just love it.

Open it up in animation shop pro... (add on to Jasc Paint Shop Pro...) flick through the scenece... you'll see it ;)

Hey, that's not fair. My heart is still racing.
Kinda cool. :p

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