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Vetrius said:
Heh, i find it kind of funny that we sit around and complement each other on our desktops *snorts* does anyone here have a life? i certainly don't... *fixes giant glasses*
You should know the answer to that question by now
muzikool said:
Freakin' awesome desktop Beginning. I see that you are using Kapsules... how do you like it? I haven't tried it out myself yet, so I'm curious. Also, what Firefox theme are you using there?

~bk, nice and simple... I like it. :)

Thanks for the compliment.. :) I try..

About the Kapsules: - It's cool.... It doesn't have enough options yet.. :) I'm sure it will get better.. I tried to take the weather.png's out but they were using names, not numbers like samurize.. I think it has a lot of potential.. So we'll wait.. :)

About the Firefox theme: - ( Smoke ) Get it here...

Unleashed - Oh :) I'd forgot about that.......

Geffy - good call on the last statement.. :)
Thanks for the comment muzikool, Beginning and Vetrius. :)
My new one for May and maybe half of June :)

Theme: gfxOasis
Wallpaper: So Close Yet So Far
Icons: Snow E.2


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Bleh...I spend a million years looking for a sexeh simple desktop scheme and hsn finds it before I do...

This means WAR!!! ;)

Seriously, hella nice desktop there my man
Hello all, first d-top in 4 months or so.
Just did a reformat, and wanted to go for the "luna" look for a while.
The girl on the pic is the reason for my absence..and oh yeah, I'm gonna be a father in December :w00t:

VS: Compact luna by grrinder
Icons: Pastels by Marvilla :wub:
YZdock with mailcheck, weather and calendar docklets.

1280x1024 PNG
Yeah.... Congrats on the new Daddy thing.. :) Long time no see thats for sure, Welcome back!!!
Nice desktop guys =) heres mine. same ol stuff. slightly updated...

Looks nice leedogg! Can you post the wall? :D
Very good leedogg. I wouldn't mind the wallpaper as well. ;)
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