May 2008 Desktop Screenshots

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heres my work in progress dtop atm - something i rendered myself
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'Nads, oh sure.

Saz, no need to upgrade yet. Waiting on the next gen of Intel CPUs.
Plenty of love Andy, plenty.
Latest from the notebook....


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Just watchin the grass grow huh... Wait, What!? No dual screen? You izz slippin. :eek:
I see alot of the default vista shell styles. Didn't anyone but me patch vista to allow other themes ??
'Nads, on my notebook? No, silly.

Carpo, seconded. No need. Vista rocks as is.
Besides, the vista msstyles available is trash to be honest.
This is a picture I took while on vacation with my grandparents on their boat in The Netherlands. It was getting windy and stormy, and everyone that was outside went inside to prepare for the rain that was to come.


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Latest Vista Desktop, nothing extreme, but clean and nice.
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Very nice picture X-Istence. Cool DT Bman. :)
nice render carpo :]

and urs is pretty sweet too matt

here's my new one... im soooo addicted to this game :D

new desk.jpg
Bman that's now 2 pics that you've posted this month that I love! Any chance you'll post them? Thanks.
Re: My Desktop.

that should go into the dekstop thread - which you can find here:p
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