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Maxtor setup disk how to make one??


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I cant seem to find a way to make a maxtor setup disk on a floppy. I have the cd but when windows is installing and ask for a scsi driver it wants a floppy disk and i cannot using the cd that came with it. Any help would be great.


hardware monkey
it's asking for a scsi or raid driver. the cd that came with your harddrive is irrelevant. your motherboard should have came with a raid driver floppy disk if it is onboard. or, if the scsi/raid is a pci card, it should have came with a driver disk.

if you don't use the onbaord raid, you can disable it in the bios and not have to worry about it. if you are using it but can't locate the driver floppy, download the latest xp driver off the manufacturer's website and put it on a floppy. that should work.

if you need more help, tell us what motherboard or pci raid/scsi card you have.


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Heres the motherboard type

Well i wanted to install the drivers so that maybe it would run as fast as possible but i might be mixed up. The motherboard is a ASUS p4sd-la.


hardware monkey
it's a mobo from hp, right?

from what i can tell, it shouldn't have any onboard raid. do you have a raid pci expansion card?

if not, is it demanding the raid/scsi floppy? it shouldn't demand it in which case it's okay to bypass it. it won't affect performance.


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Its the factory motherboard that came with my compaq. i figured if the windows drivers are from 2001 that it would run slower.


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THank you so freaking much.

I really want to thank you now that you showed me that site I know i can buy pc3200 and speed up this slow comp. Lol im to happy.


hardware monkey
Originally posted by syllinx
Its the factory motherboard that came with my compaq. i figured if the windows drivers are from 2001 that it would run slower.
drivers for what? harddrive and ide controller drivers are generic windows drivers so they will be dated july 2001 when xp was released. don't worry about updating them.

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