maxtor or western digital?


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im probably ganna buy a 300 gb hard drive soon, but i now believe that maxtor is better than western digital. what do you guys think which is better the new maxtor drives? or the new western digital?


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hahaha HELL No its not ganna be just for storage! high speed everything, just think of it as i want a ferrari to be running the pc
asking this question is same as asking AMD or Intel ... your never gonna get 100% either way .. its all personal choice :)


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leedogg said:
Whichever you can get for cheapest. WD, Maxtor, IBM, Hitachi, Seagate....all made by the same factory in Taiwan ;)

there happens to be a seagate factory in minnesota, they just so happen to make hard drives there.


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Personally, i entrust my data to Western Digital, i have had a seagate, it sucked, and maxtor which i have also owned is slower, but as you say, dependable. you say that you have sata, if that is what your running, what i am about to type doesnt apply. but if you put a 5400 rpm 2mb buffer HD on the same bus as a 7200rpm, 8mb buffer, you will cause the better and faster drive to slow down in its times. if anything. just keep them on oppisite busses. but your running sata, so ide wont matter.


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dreamliner77 said:
Toretto -

What you said above is only true on older windows OS's. XP can set DMA speed independently, not sure about 2K...
so apparently xp can, but can the motherboard, i guess i dont know enough to know that.


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I've had good luck with Western Digital drives and Maxtor's though I think the WD are a little quieter compared to the Maxtor's based on what I've heard in my own use of them. To be honest as is the case with AMD or Intel no matter who you go with you should get a good drive as most of the answers are what people have dealt with while thats good to know about the issues not always the best way to make your decision on


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Some like Seagate (me being one of them), while others like Western Digital and Maxtor, and I don't know if anyone likes Hitachi, but I've seen them around.
It's all personal choice as everyone else has been saying. Choose the drives brands you like and trust. If you still don't know what to choose... randomly pick. :D

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