maxtor 40gb Dead? NEED HELP QUICK


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7 Jan 2004
Ok, here's the deal... A friends compy has an older maxtor 40 GB hd. Date on the drive is 17OCT2003. It's an ATA/133 HDD. He works for a motorhome company and is in dire need of the information on the drive. Well, as of recent days he had issues with the compy getting slow, he said a warning message came up about low disc space, and he never knew how to empty the recycle bin. "Computer illiterate" So, here is the current problem. I tried to start it up w/ safe mode and as it goes through the drivers it stops at mup.sys file. While trying to get it to load with "last working settings" it freezes. Or if I try to get it to load as a normal start up it starts the fragmented white loading bar at the bottom, gets to the end and then freezes. Now, as I said before he needs the information on the drive desperately. I have currently checked the drive on another compy as a slave drive and it lists it at 0mb used, 0mb free. I try to get into the drive and it pulls up the "drive needs formatted" pop up. I can however start to reinstall windows on it but he doesn't want his HD wiped because of the info stored on it. Any Suggestion ASAP would be EXTREMELY helpful.
Thanks ahead of time.
If you can't read it as slave on another machine the file system is trashed and possibly the hardware. There is a backup file tables that should get pulled up if the primary fails.

There are utilities that allow you to try reading the disk using the primary or backup file tables.

getdataback (comes in 2 flavors, FAT32 or NTFS) is one of the smaller ones.

If you can't recover the entire disk you may be able to recover some of the data.

Before starting attempt to image the disk to another drive so you have a copy. Then experiment on the image to recover the data.

If they had the files encrypted in anyway for privacy then they are screwed.

The drive manufactures offer data recovery services but they are not cheap and will take weeks, if the data can be recovered.

--- Back up all data ----
Ok, I'm gonna see what I can find with Getdataback. The last time I had a similiar issue, I sent the drive to Maxtor or whoever made it and they said the pin exceeded the edge of one of the discs and that was the issue...told me to buy a new one...

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