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Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
I absolutely love his browser, so I'd thought I'd share some of the configurations and settings I use:

I will use multiple instances of maxthon, I usually have 3 running with different groups of sites in each. I absolutely love the boss key, not as a means to hide stuff quickly, but as a way to navigate between maxthon instances. You need to configure a different boss key for each instance - a hotkey can only bind to one instance. I use /, *, and - on the number pad. The result is that I can swap between my email sites, my news sites, and my forum sites quickly and easily.

you can configure the mouse actions in maxthon. Down right closes the current tab, however I have set down left to reopen the last closed tab, this has come in extremely useful.

If you havent done so, enable the middle click to open new tabs and under advanced enable reload missing pictures (no more little red x's on tiny images!!!)

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