Max Payne = Best Single Playa Game Ever!!!!!

I reckon Half-life was more groundbreaking, and the multiplayer on it still exists today, thru counter-strike

Incredible, and whats more this game can now be got on budget for £9.99!!!
I thought Max payne kinda suct... i guess multiplayer would have been a big plus, but the game just kinda seemed to drag on.

8 out of 10
I have to agree with electronic/electric/power station punk

Half Life has yet to be bettered.
Originally posted by Kr0m
Half Life?? HA, Quake baby!

You are joking! The single player in Quake was soo repetitive, thin plot, no cutscenes, npc's

UT and Tribes2 were hardly better..

Single Player, remember.
hehe, coincidence

electronic punk u goin crasher to see mauro nxt week end?:)
Yup, I never miss Picotto.
Going for ;)

Don't think I will get in free next week tho, but Picotto signing my Awesome!!! EP will make up for it.
ummm...Max Payne is an amazing is the Final Fantasy series(esp III and VII and VIII, I just really liked the love story part, tahts y)
Electro-punk is right on the money. Half-Life is THE breakthrough game. + Its got a pair of almost equally good sequels. I just played Alien Vs. Predator 2 and that was good match tho Half Life is dee shizitibamsimbamslam
Originally posted by Highwind7777
ummm...Max Payne is an amazing is the Final Fantasy series(esp III and VII and VIII, I just really liked the love story part, tahts y)

Completed VII and VIII...fine games, tho the random battles were irritating.
gatecrasher: Dumonde was bangin' I am going to blessed on monday, then will be at Picotto next week.

Then I will have to take a months break... I haven't missed a Gatecrasher this year :)
Damn, you guys are lucky as hell living over there...the scene here in Miami SUCKS now. Its all bout money and drugs, the vibe is gone =[
There are drugs over here, and I just heard that PvD doesn't want to play much in the UK cos he hates travelling, which sucks.
I don't do drugs anymore, don't need em, tunes can keep me going, its great.
Was clubbing for 16 hours this week, should really go to bed, but I think I will just make it an early night.

Can't wait for next week.
yea, I quit with the drugs 3 years ago when the scene was still good. At least the winter music conference is coming in March =]
bad thing tho...carl cox and PvD are spinin at the same tim AAAAAAARG WHAT TO DO!!!!
Also heard in teh same rumour that Carl Cox and Pvd would be playing back to back at crasher, which would be sweet.
Also Sasha will be playing a long set, tho to be honest, I wasn't too impressed with his last 6 hour set, tho Scorchio is a tune and a half :p

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