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Max Payne + ATI 9700 = COOL




Hey - I never played Max Payne before. I downloaded the 1.05 demo (trying a lot of things lately).

I set up as:
All detail settings at the MAX
x16 ansiotropic filtering

Man - the game runs as smooth as silk. I must go buy it now. IT IS SO COOL, to be able to play a game smoothly with every bit of graphic goodness that the game engine and FSAA can provide.


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am sure you should probably be able to run game higher..

but seriously it has not aged badly has dear ol max payne...

:) perhaps they can now make a patch to have moving light shadows/effects like in DX 2 to show off new features and stuff in the 9700 :)


OK, I picked it up for $25 while I was out buying NOLF2. :D

I'm curious to see how the 9700 will take the new Lithotech engine... Of course I assume my 1900+ processor is a bit of a stick in the mud.

I think most people are guessing a 3Ghz processor would be needed to fully unlock the 9700.


F@H - Is it in you?
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not really...

the athlon 2800 performs as well as or better than a 2.8ghz p4 stock therefore oc'd it will be something to reckon with... therefore the clock speed does not pose a problem really...

its a bandwidth issue more than anything else... agp port can't allow the 9700 to perform at its peak... maximum bandwidth is a bit fux0red :) so there is a little bottleneck right there... but let me know how NOLF2 plays...

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