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Matsu****a Electric Industrial Co.,

I cut this from an NTFS news forum, after I got up from ROFL. The foul language editor star'd out part of the companies name.

Hasn't this "protect us from the harsh world" gone a little too far?

Remember not to say Master/Slave anymore either, oops I said it. :eek:
Yep, my CD-RW/DVD combo drive is made by Panasonic/Mat****a.

Mat****a = Matsu****a Electric Industrial Co Ltd.= Matsu****a-Kotobuki Electronics Industries Ltd. = Panasonic.
They're all the same thing. :D


I may actually be insane.
Thanks for stating the obvious, we needed to be re-assured of what we already know. Helps us get through the day.

aaaaaaanyway.. isn't there any way we can turn off filters for news posts yet keep them for the comments?


Confused and Bewildered
I don't see why the **** you couldn't turn that ****ty feature off just for the occasional dumb **** post, I mean, what a bunch of ****s!

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