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Matsonic mobo


Arte et Marte
Daughter's AMD Duron (950) with Matsonic MS8308E mobo is, according to Balarc Advisor, Bus Clock running at 66Mhz - is that not a tad slow.

Any advice greatfully appreciated :eek:


Arte et Marte
Belaric detects CPU running at 950 Mhz, but Bus clock still displays 66 Mhz (whereas my trusty old P111 500 displays 100).

AIDE32 says
External clock 66
Current clock 950
Maximum 1200

There is little to change in the BIOS - apart from asking if you want it to run Optimal/Best Performance (cant see anything on the mobo).

System has always appeared slow, although improvement since expanding memory to 512 max.

Am i making something out of nothing?


Originally posted by tibboh

Am i making something out of nothing?
Yes belarc is wrong, some programs detect the wronf FSb speed on some boards. According to belacr my FSB is 66, according to Sisoft sandra and AIDA32 its 137 (overclocked just a wee bit):)

go here and dowload WCPUID, if it tells you the FSB is 66 then you can start worrying
A 950 MHz box can't run with a 66MHz FSB! :eek:
My PIII 550 has a 100MHz FSB ... I would think the BIOS would be the only place where u could change it.
Originally posted by NetRyder
A 950 MHz box can't run with a 66MHz FSB! :eek:
My PIII 550 has a 100MHz FSB ... I would think the BIOS would be the only place where u could change it.
I agree. A Duron running at 950 with a 66Mhz FSB would have a ~14.5 multiplier!

The FSB is actually 100 or 133. I found the specs for that mobo here: http://www.matsonic.com/ms8308e.htm

Just a simple search in Yahoo. :)

The reason why it may seem a bit slow is because it has onboard video which uses system memory for its RAM. You'll want at least 256MB RAM (preferably 512MB) because of this.

Good news though: It does have an AGP slot so you can get a cheapie AGP video card (even a GF4 MX is way better than onboard video). Then disable the onboard video in BIOS.


Arte et Marte
many thanks to all who contributed - i think i will just have to "bite the bullet" and accept that clock speed MUST be correct, even though ALL these dowloaded programmes say otherwise.

Since expanding to 512Mb RAM, it is a totally different machine (for an AMD) and as my daughter seems happy now, I will leave well alone - apart from disabling that dastardly on board video and fitting a "cheapie" graphics card.

This will leave me to concentrate on my new build P4 (if I ever get round to buying all the bits), before my P3 dies. :blink:

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