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Matrix Revolutions

Electronic Punk

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Well it's out on DVD today over here in the UK and I watched it on the plane the other day.

If you watch it again, without th ehigh expectations, it really is a cool film.
I will be picking my copy up after work! :)


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I've yet to see it; I wish I went to the cinema now, the last film I saw was around 2002 :(

I'm actually waiting for the third Lotr movie, but this looks like a nice purchase, to tide me over until then. The second one wasn't that bad :)


I'm sorry Hal...
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Loved it at the cinema, still waiting for my copy, but thats the price you pay for ordering it from overseas :)
I have:
The Matrix
The Matrix Revisited
The Matrix Reloaded
The Matrix Revolutions
The Animatrix
Enter the Matrix

so im pretty matrixified :p


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Boxed set?

Are there plans for a boxed set? I have yet to spend any money on buying these movies so far, because I'm hoping for a nice, special set of all of them. Anyone know about plans? Dates? Prices?



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the more I have watched these movies the more I feel let-down by the second 2...

I understood em but they were so underwhelming wrt the original...

the story was convulsive and lacked flow and the acting was contrived... cept for Agent Smith ofcourse :D


my room-mate will probably get the boxed set though he already has the dvd for the first 2...


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Any "fan" of the series should have the Matrix ... so save your $ and respect for the series and keep it to just the 1st.

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