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Matrix Revolutions - the movie

Electronic Punk

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(why not the 4th - cos the soundtrack is out then)
p.s. film 2003 on wednesday had some exclusive matrix footage - was v. cool.



F@H - Is it in you?
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thread has been reopened :D

post away your reviews lads but please no spoilers on pain of being de-rezzed (ok thats a tron term but I am playing tron 2.0 again)


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Im going tonight @ 5:15PM Eastern. New York City Baby. Got my tickets off of Fandango no lines for me rghahahaha

Electronic Punk

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Ours started 5 minutes early!! ooh

Shame about the crappy trailers.

Had Return Of The King, Master and Commander and some British film about Hugh Grant as the prime minister with that tart from eastenders, erm being a tart, oh and the last samurai.

Was a little dissapointed by the movie, but at least it gives YOU the opportunity to think what might happen, kinda leave it open for something more, not a sequel as things have changed as you will see. And... ooh thats gonna hurt.
i saw it was good but like all movies it could have been better and there is no exception to this one. amazing action, decent story line, and mediocre direction. but all in all it was good worth a second look. 3 1/2 stars.

Electronic Punk

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I think it would be good if they did another little animated continuance. Rather in the style of "the second renaissance" something I kept getting reminded of during this movie.


Old School XPeriencer
Ahhh...your reviews are depressing.

I wanted this movie to be awesome. As good (if not better) than the first and about 100X better than the second.

Oh well....at least tell me there isn't some silly rave dancing scene like in Reloaded?

Bronx Bomber

i liked this one a lot. Though i predicted almost all of the ending about 2 months ago.

btw, i saw it in an iMax theater. An immense screen with a bajillion speakers. so cool. so cool.
i found it to be quite delicious - the philosophy was much more palpable in this one than the second, and I predicted the ending as well - but this doesnt mean it is a predictable ending... i just figured it out by combining the fact that Matrix Online is set after Revolutions, and a little understanding of the bible... no spoliers tho :D

it recieves 4.9/5 nerd stars from me :cool:


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Just got back from seeing it tonight. Like most others, I will need a couple of days to take it all in and come to some conclusions. It will be good to get into details later on when everyone has seen it.

As of this moment... 4/5 NTFS stars


F@H - Is it in you?
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ok... just watched it..

please people... remember NO SPOILERS :D

as it was the movie progressed much like I had anticipated in many parts and I was quite satisfied overall with the way things were explained/closed...

the imax theater experience adds so much to this movie... I can't imagine having seen it in a measly ole theater ( :barf:)

the Imax I went to had a green light theme leading from well outside the screen all the way to the inside where many things about the shooting of the movie were explained.. ie IMAX viewers will see every part of every scene unlike regular viewers who will see sections cropped for viewing purposes...

the LOD and the sound is BRILLIANT in the movie though the cg effects are blatantly obvious... not that I care... give me cg over stop-action b.s anyday :)

I just have a warm tingly feeling inside right now coz I saw a pretty decent flick and it went the way I had hoped it would... sure some scenes could have been done better.. some acting been less wooden (believe me you will know what I mean) and some other scenes cropped.. or eliminated lol...

BUT... on the whole the overall experience is quite fulfilling for me...

I'll give it 4/5 ntfs stars... :D


Extinction Agenda
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I went I saw I Liked. Some things could have been better. My highlight was the man vs machine battle. The wachowskis sure love DBZ.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Originally posted by Terrahertz
I went I saw I Liked. Some things could have been better. My highlight was the man vs machine battle. The wachowskis sure love DBZ.
you know how many times I thought of the anime analogy ? specially DB ?


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