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Mastercare - PC world - Dixons The Link

Just been lookin around google lol and every goes about How Bad they am etc PC are Crap and known to Fail, Mastercare takes the Piss

Any1 else had any problems with them?

Just wondered lol


I will give you a good tip goto www.simply.co.uk they are good and sell good stuff at competitive rates.

Their warehouse and shop is in Walthamstow near Angel tube a couple of minutes walk away if you know the area.

My good experience with PC world was in Catford London where I picked up paintshop pro 7.04 priced up at around £40 boxed got to till she tried to charge as till said so £80 I said hey I want the price on box and she knocked off £40, apart from that I don't really buy from the Dixons group.


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They sometimes forget to change the price on the products even though it's been changed on the system. Sometimes it's down to human error... putting the correct price on the wrong product.

With regards to PCs being crap or known to fail... that's down to Packard Bell, Advent, Emachines and Compaq, and not M/Care themselves. Whether M/Care deals with customer problems (i.e. hardware faults etc.) is another question.
I've had an Advent laptop a few years back, and that was plagued with hardware probs... and M/Care didn't seem to be bothered with fixing it properly.
lol nar dont wana buy anything just wondered if any1 had problems with them or getting stuff fixed with Matsercare, PC's Failin sayin Packard Bell, Advent are ****, 3 Parkard Bell computers and only a Problem with one after 2 Years of Havein it dont seem Bad to me other 2 are Workin still fine

Cause i had a PC From PC World bk in 98 had Problems (had it about 4 years b4 anything wrong) come out everytime in 2/3 days at the end of got some Vouchers for a New PC

Got another computer after 2 years some problems with Mobo got took away said would be about 3 weeks b4 got it back, Knock on the Door within a Week all been Fixed, H/d gone funny other Month after 3 years of Havein it other wise works Perfect

Had a Fone about 3 years kept goin off payed £130 for it and today got a Voucher threw the Post for £250 cause it couldnt be Fixed for a New Fone & to have it Insured

Might be Lucky lol with them but dont see so many people have problems with them


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