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Massive explosion at oil depot in Herts.


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I was woken up two or three times this morning by a series of what sounded like loud bangs. I wasn't sure if I really heard these bangs or just me having a bad night's sleep. But when I got up to get ready for work, my sister told me that there's news about an explosion at an oil depot which is probably between 15-20miles away from where we live.



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not good, the M1 is shut at the M25 :|

Lucky it happened at 6am Sunday really.. lots could have been killed at other times !

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yeah my dad was delayed going back to london because of it.
ming: I was woken up by my alarm clock in a similar fashion this morning.

I was crusing down the street in my dream and the alarm clock starting going off, completely distorting the bangin tune I was playing - being very cool - so I got out of bed to turn my alarm off so credit could be restored - thats where the credability of my dream obviously fell apart and I woke up. Bloody alarm.


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I can't believe people in France and the Netherlands were able to hear the explosion.

I'd imagine prices are going to spike up?


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Most likely.

I live in the country, but in the opposite direction of the explosion so I couldn't hear the explosion / see any of the smoke.

People have been panic buying I heard as some petrol stations ran out of fuel.

The worst thing is that many people have lost their homes, either because they have been wrecked by the blast of the explosion or that they have been forced to abandon them due to the fact that they are in the path of the smoke / poisonous vapours. Its also said that it may take weeks for the fires to die down - but since this is supposed to be the largest natural disaster fire in Europe in peacetime its not suprising.

On the plus side, its a miracle that more people weren't killed by the blast.


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The Head Office for my company is apparently just 500m from the blast site. lol.

All employees and operations had to move to another part of the country. Our networks communications seem to run ok, but minor delays in processing some transactions and searching for product information.

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